Thurmo Stop-Leak

The legendary radiator sealant!

The stories of the effects of Thurmo and its success have a 40 year history. Originally it was produced in small cubes in the USA. Since 1991 it has been produced in Finland with the original formula and with the same high quality raw materials as always. The form of the sealant has been changed from a cube form to powder in order it to dissolve even quicker in the liquid.

The strong reputation for Thurmo Stop-Leak is based on its advanced way of working. Thurmo dissolves quickly in hot radiator liquid, finds its way to the leaks and seals them with a permanent aluminum containing seal. Thurmo seals the leak from the outside as it oxidizes with the air.

Thurmo could easily be produced in a liquid form. However, due to practical, economical and ecological reasons it has been kept in a powder form. The handy sales packets containing 22g (size 9 x 13 x 0,5 cm) are easy to keep in the car glove compartment just in case the radiator starts leaking. For distributors the display box, containing 24 packets (size 9,5 x 13,5 x 22 cm), takes only little space on the shelf.

Thurmo has been tested by VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland. Thurmo Stop-Leak is safe and harmless to all parts of the radiator circulation system and will operate in any non-acid anti-freeze solution. The requirements in REACH regulation that apply to the production of Thurmo Stop-Leak have been identified and approved.

We set a high value on the safe use of chemical substances. The chemicals we use are commonly used in many industrial sectors.